Saturday, April 04, 2009

TED, Bill Gates, TED India

I hadn't heard much about TED until a colleague forwarded me the TED talk by Bill Gates

What struck me is the fact that today, someone like him actually has the power to change (or atleast influence a change) in public policies the world over on topics that do not have a direct correlation (or maybe, in the grander scheme of things - they do!) to the company or the products which gave him the power in the first place!

Awesome! I don't know if one could call that a success.

Anyways, TED is coming closer home, TED India is slated November 4-7th at Infosys Mysore. An interesting tidbit- registration costs $2400 which as Manish at put it - is as costly as buying a brand new Tata Nano car:).

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Unknown said...

Hi Anupam,

TED has an expansive variety of videos that resonate with lots of people around the world. Incase you haven't already heard, we are proud to announce the TED Open Translation Project.

What is it - A first-of-its-kind toolset empowering volunteer translators worldwide to bring TED talks to their respective communities. The acclaimed 18-minute talks available free on the TED website will now be accessible beyond the English-speaking world, through the TED Open Translation Project (, which launched on May 13th.

Most excitingly is that Ted Talks are now available in 6 Indian languages: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Urdu.

Be sure to check it out!