Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Sachet Story - Epilogue

I had blogged about the ubiquitous Sachet a few months back in a post titled the Sachet Story.

The post also talked about how notoriously popular and unsightly, the discarded Gutka sachets had become on the streets of Delhi.

Well here's the epilogue,

Starting March 1st, no more Sachets to dress up gutka tobacco. Thats a really bold move by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India considering the massive turnover and influence these companies have.

Times of India

Financial Express

While the move is great from an environmental impact perspective and certainly laudable, I guess it will only force 'innovation' (sic) in the Gutka delivery mechanism- Gutka dispensers maybe?

I have just recently witnessed, at close quarters, the devastating effect of substance abuse and how it degrades the people, families and relationships that it touches. Perhaps a firmer stand needs to be taken considering the simple fact that what our country loses in terms of its resources is way more than what it earns from these industries.

Unfortunately, it is so so easy to ignore costs that are not explicit- someday, it will hit us bad. Thank God, hope is free!