Thursday, June 04, 2009

Project Architect

Its been less than three active months and Eko's pilot with the State Bank of India in West Delhi is now almost a thousand customers strong! Very soon we will be hitting the 10K mark. Internally we have begun the work required to prepared with technology to serve 100mn+ customers and many times as many transactions. This is where we have begun exploring for someone who could help us evolve the project architecture for what we call SimpliBank 2.0 - the next step in the evolution of our platform (or maybe an entirely separate/ off-shelf platform(s)). Someone experienced with having architected something of this scale and who fits into our current startup context well. Scale: in terms of the massive number of transactions, customers, flexibility and robustness. Context: One of the most promising startups in India with all its inherent caveats. If you find this really exciting and think you fit the bill, please send me an email and I could send you more details.

Do check out Amy the Architect. Its an interesting view on what an architect's role might be. Just to borrow their gist:
Suddenly, it struck Amy: she wanted to be the meaningful link between project decision makers and the technical people on the project. She wanted technical people to feel that project decision makers understood them and that the decisions made reflected that understanding. Conversely, she wanted the decision makers to feel confident that they had access to all the information they needed in a form they understood and believed to be what their technical staff really wanted to say.


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