Sunday, August 07, 2011


It hit me hard today that I have not been a good friend. I haven't even wished anyone a happy friendships day (though quite a few people have wished me!). Heck, except for a few people that I interact with on a daily basis and maybe two others, I haven't called or visited ANY 'friend' for a long time!

Has work made me so callous? Family? Facebook? Orkut? Selfishness? Is this the norm for this age?- Why? I am trying to remember at which point in my life, I actually flipped over. I do faintly recall a time when friends happened to fill most of my world.

Its not that I am without friends. I know and interact with a lot more people than now that I ever did before. The truth is - there is a difference between a Facebook 'friend', a business acquaintance and a 'friend' as the word was supposed to mean in the good 'ol days when we had no online avatars. The truth is - my sense of worldly dependence has shifted to work and money. Remember the adage: A friend in need is a.... ? I do also realize that there will always be things money cannot buy, work cannot satisfy and strengths cannot influence.

I do know of a few people who still take the effort and time to keep in touch and maintain strong chords of friendship - God bless them and their friends!

As for me, I will try being a bit better.
And if you, O reader, seem to be in the same quagmire - maybe its time for you too!
Happy friendship day!

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