Thursday, July 05, 2012

Eko CodeSprint 2012

Dear all,

We are searching for some kick-ass developers who have fallen in love with the fine art of coding AND for folks who have kick-ass devs as their friends!

If (YOU are the cool dev dude/ dudette)

Fire up your browser right-away and jump on to Register for our global talent hunt/ EKO-CODESPRINT scheduled on the 14th July.

We're sure you have a hundred questions in your mind right now. We will try to answer a few right away:

Do I need to have a computer science degree?
Nope (not that we have anything against a fancy degree). But you do need to be one of the best coders out there.

I am an Erlang guy. Suits you?
Sure! But most of our work is currently done in Java/ C/ C++/ PHP/ Perl. We believe that real coders are multilingual and fast learners in any case ;)

I only speak Elbonian ( I can also do sign language. I barely translated this on some online tool. Me too? 
Unfortunately, none of us are fluent in Elbonian or sign language. We will need you to be pretty fluent in plain old English; reading, writing and speaking.

Anything else you want to bore us with?
Yes. One more thingy- we need you to be dexterous with MS Office and its likes/ clones/ substitutes.


Fikar not! Put your friends network to some good use and you stand to win yourself a brand new iPad (that you can then rightfully show-off in case one of your cool buddies makes in to team Eko.
Just do the following right away: LIKE our Facebook page and join event

Now to answer some of your questions:
1. Now, I have a thousand good friends on my buddy list. I stand a good chance at winning the iPad right?
Right. But please remember that if your friend does get selected and joins Eko, he needs to have mentioned your name on the application form (and of course, you should have 'Liked our Facebook page :)
2. I live in Elbonia. Could you please ship my iPad there (assuming that I win it)
Sorry. Unfortunately we can only buy and ship your iPad to a valid address in India :(


Simple. Right? So what are you waiting for? The last date is 31th July 2012!


You must be wondering "what/ who the hell is Eko?". So here goes:

Eko ( provides branchless banking solutions to the unbanked and under banked population using next door shops. We are creating a network of Human ATMs, which will change the way financial services are offered. We have handled over a billion rupees in the last year and a half and have served over two million customers.

If you have the DNA to jump of the cliff and try something new, if you want to compete with the best in the world, if you want freedom to do your job then Eko is the company for you because we intend to create this team by hiring the best and giving them the canvas to change the world!

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