Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I wish 3. Lights auto-off

I wish all the electric and electronic indoor and outdoor light sources like florescent lights, incandescent lights, led lights and halogen lights would have inbuilt ambient light sensors that would automatically turn them off when not required (when the ambient light is brighter than a threshold).

Just screw a light bulb in and it should simply work as described with nothing else required. Would save a lot of electricity and obviate the need for people to turn off lights in the morning ;)

The 'I wish' series will be short posts highlighting simple, interesting, innovative and useful twists to daily random routines and objects.


saniplam said...

u forgot to turn it off this morning, right ? :)

well, that stuff is now available in the market, also with motion sensors.

Anupam said...

The difference is that I wish EVERY light would be like that! which means sturdy and cheap;)

Abhishek said...

Try this