Monday, February 24, 2014

I wish 9. Cloud suckers!

I wish (rain) clouds could simply be sucked up from one place and spewed out in another. This should be the most efficient method to provide (rain) water where it is required the most and moving it from where it might be in excess.

Water is and will continue to be the most sought after human necessity. Our best attempts at solving this issue have been restricted to creating massive dams (thereby destroying habitats) or installing expensive desalination plants or creating canals and diverting or joining rivers or drilling them out from the underground reservoirs. All these methods seem pretty intrusive and intensive.

We all know that there are some places which experience floods due to excessive rains and not far from these would be places that experience drought! Also, we human beings have been 'moving' water for thousands of years. Now, conceptually, it appears that moving water in the vaporous state (clouds) should expend the least energy and encounter the least obstacles (clear skies). That's exactly how nature has been doing it since the rain-cycles ever started on this planet! What if we could hook up airships (or drones) with some suction mechanism and literally move the clouds to wherever they be most required? Once there, they could be seeded for rains.

The 'I wish' series will be short posts highlighting simple, interesting, innovative and useful twists to daily random routines and objects. 

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