Friday, January 18, 2019

The animal inside?

(Originally posted on my Medium page)

Its a shame to say,
“It’s the animal inside em!”
Yes, animals are wild,
Some with claws, thick hides;
Some prey, some hide,
Some protect their pride,
But scarce can their brains,
Match men’s evil inside;
Deep oceans of vice,
Under crusts of thin nice.

Leave the poor beast,
Blame the human inside!
We’ve too much to lose,
And no place to hide,
When the sleepy leviathan,
Takes a stroll outside.
Millions have vanished,
We’ve seen genocides;
We’ve heard of brutalities,
Against the girl child :,(

But then we grow callous,
We get numb and hide.
The next day beckons,
With its proximate cries.
Gosh! We gush;
Pretences puerile!
Soon the next wild human,
Rubs it in again.
And we chant as if an anthem,
“The animal inside em!”

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