Friday, February 01, 2008

The future of commerce in India - the Mobile way? Part III

Two m-ticketing offerings from Sam Pitroda's C-Sam inc have been introduced recently:

1. Indian Railways (IRCTC Mobile)
2. Jet Airways (JetWallet)

These initiatives have the following drawbacks:

1. While not exactly m-ticketing, since tickets do not reside on the mobile and the paper tickets have to be delivered by hand (courier/ counter) or over email, these initiatives could be called m-ticket-booking, since the payment part is handled on-device.

2. Requires a phone supporting java (or windows mobile) + gprs (or supports sms- Wireless Messaging API). While a good number of mobile subscribers might have java phones, only a small proportion have gprs enabled. While most of the latest java phones support JSR 120/205 (sms), most of the earlier phones in the market do not.

3. Requires a credit card account.

Functioning within the sweet spot among the limitations above, these are good initiatives.

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