Saturday, August 09, 2008

Eko Presentation at

Eko was one of the companies that presented at the July edition of The following is a video recording of the same, gives one a good view on how it works.


Abhinav said...

1. Do you own such an account?
2. Can I have one?
3. Unrelated: How to have skype on your blackberry?

Anupam said...

1. yes
2. pls wait till it gets to your friendly grocer next door.
3. will find out and let you know meanwhile you could check out mundu mobile.

Unknown said...

lovely presentation. nice to see you again.. reminds me of college days where you would setup this..

Unknown said...

nice articles..tend to recieve more information than from the official website .i have few questions
1. is this partnership pilot pilot project with centurion bank of punjab ( now hdfc bank) is in the process of being implemented in other areas too well as is the collaboration still on ?
2. with the introduction of mobile transaction operative guidelines as well as payment and settlement act what is the future of eko terms of interoperability , security standards max transaction limits, only bank customers with debit cards/ credit cards .

Anupam said...

Hi Kamna,

We will be re-launching soon with a major indian bank. The initial pilot shown in the video has been concluded.

We abide by the spirit and the letter of the guidelines and aim to touch the lives of un-banked customers through enabling them easy access to financial services.