Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cast your vote at Project 10^100

[Its been a case of blogger's block. The good news is, I seem to be on my way out of it.]

Last September, I had written about Google's 10 to the power 100 initiative.

Well, it seems the good folks inside googleplexes have had their super-fill of ideas which they've whittled down to 16 and now they want your vote on it. Do click the link below to cast your vote.

Interesting to note: "Build better banking tools for everyone" figures in as one among the top 16 needs. Folks have suggested using the reach of mobile telephony to do this. Hmm... sounds familiar! we've been trying to do that all along- glad to hear the world echo the thought :).

[Now you know why we're called EKO]

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