Wednesday, December 06, 2006

'The phone of the future'

(Originally published on my w2forum journal on 4th dec 2006)

Found this interesting post on The Economist through - thought it would be a nice add to my 'future .. ' journal.

The phone of the future

The article aims to place the cellphone as the “the remote-control for life”.

Interestingly its author also believes that future devices may interact directly with the brain as I had mentioned in my journal.

Apart from that what is interesting to me is a prediction that storage media may improve so much that ... "In a decade's time a typical phone will have enough storage capacity to be able to video its user's entire life... Researchers at Nokia, meanwhile, speculate that within a decade, the cost of storage will have fallen so far that it might be possible to store every piece of music ever recorded in a single chip that could be included in each phone...". Whoa!

The article ends talking about researchers at Motorola already talking about “the device formerly known as the cellphone” :-)


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