Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Taare Zameen Par (Lit:)Stars on earth

I must admit, I did feel tears well up my eyes while watching this movie. A movie is all about elevating the art of story-telling into a captivating, involving and enthralling experience. By that yardstick, Taare Zammen Par (Hindi) far exceeds its brief - easily the best Bollywood production of 2007.

Technically, the movie simply stands out. Beautiful metaphorical visuals, deft camera angles, brilliant acting, esp Darsheel Safary as Ishaan Awasthi, apt music by Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy, superb direction by Aamir and a simple bold story-line by Amole. Tata Elxi guys too seem to have done a good work with the visuals.

The movie sensitively portrays the travails of a Dyslexic child and his family but more importantly it shows how a caring (and aware) teacher (played by veteran actor Aamir Khan - I consider him India's Tom Hanks) helps everyone back on track. It emphasizes the role of a good teacher and warns of the dangers of having insensitive 'educationists' instead. I have seen many a student lose interest in a subject because of an inept teacher. I have also seen many 'below-average' children making 'above-average' achievements just because of a teacher's timely encouragement. Unfortunately, the present number of those who fit the negative stereotype far outnumber the few 'uplifters'. Thats why the script-writer states that he is afraid of losing these 'stars' on earth (Hin: Kho na jaaye ye, taare zameen par). Me too. I wouldn't like to spoil your fun by revealing anything further. So, I'd recommend this movie as a 'must watch' for all, especially for teachers and those aspiring to be good teachers- Just remember to carry your kerchiefs along (its NOT the tear-jerker kind, its something about the realistic, innocent and touching portrayal that pulls some chord within ;)

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