Saturday, September 13, 2008

Delhi blast

We had just finished watching the movie Aamir (a movie with a terrorist bombing story) and were on our way to Nehru Place when our friends and family phoned in to ask if we were alright. Thank God we were lucky not being in one of those places one of those times - a hundred other Delhiites, no different from us were unfortunately not. Pray that the families who lost their loved ones find peace and those injured recover soon.

Planting bombs that kill or maim innocents is a cowardly act that helps no cause, religious or otherwise. But yes, it spreads terror and I guess that's what the perpetrators want.

I wish India could form a well funded, really professional and technologically advanced team to gather intelligence and make investigations. The state of affairs as it appears to a lay person like me (and I could be wrong) is that given resources, anything is possible here and one can get away with it. It seems too huge and too populous for any agency to keep an eye on.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god U saved but these not happens to all!!!!