Tuesday, September 16, 2008

VC with a Funny-bone

We have seen (/ at least heard of) VCs of different shapes and sizes - tall, short, dark, fair, frank, unfrank, angel, devil, good, bad and ugly. I hereby reveal a VC with a funny bone! Yup, finally, a Venture Capitalist with a good sense of humor :) - its called Tandem Entrepreneurs.
(Disclaimer: I only know them through their website)

Their website is peppered with Cartoons that get the point across to the reader without wasting words and time. Cute, to-the-point and well - very visual.
The following image, for instance hogs their front-page (courtesy: tandementrepreneurs):

Appearances could be deceptive! but I couldn't resist talking about them here. Full marks for 'engaging' a potential entrepreneur's attention, appearing friendly and approachable.

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