Monday, September 29, 2008

Google wants your IDEA!

Project 10100

All ye web void fellas,
Bin 10 years since Google's bin foolin 'round with yer surrchs and clix,
Now, it wants your Ideas!
Yea you heard it damn rite
Callit Project 10 to the 100 or somethin,
They've kept $10 mill to cook it if it smells good,
Well beware, in case yer think it will make yer dollah rich or somethin,
It will make yer rich only in 'Karma' points.

Ye wanna make a better world? Watch this tube-shot of what its all about in googlespeak:

So, do you have an idea to gift baby google (the world) ? Submit your entry by 10th October.

As they say, 'May those who help the most win!' Seriously, if you have a great idea that would've anyway stayed in your closet, go ahead and give it a chance :)

In case you have no ideas and no way to kill a few minutes, try Google Genesis ;)

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