Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Entrepreneur's Song

Are you looking at the same cloud that I am?
Can't you feel the sun beyond?
Do you see that faint silver-lining?
Though the dull pall abounds?
Are you looking at the same stars that I am?
Can you see the moon full-round?
Don't you love the life you’re living?
Though the sure grave's just yond?

A walk in the park, a dance in the rain,
The smile of a child, the touch of a friend,
A call from within, a battle cry raised,
The road less traveled, mountains untread,
A cry unmasked, a pain that's felt,
The promise unspoken, that unwoven thread,
Little things that just might spark a grand trend,
Or, just lift when you’re fallen to fly again.


Idunnoknow said...

This is beautiful..Did u give it a tune also on ur guitar?

Anupam said...

nope :(