Friday, February 09, 2018

Sing a song instead

They say: love trumps hate and that music is the food of love.

They whose hearts are filled with hate,
Can they discern sweet songs of praise?
They whose eyes burn red with rage,
Can they e’er see a loving gaze?
Can those whose hands embrace the mace,
E’er kiss at night their own child’s face?
And they who plot to kill and maim,
Could they know what would seal their fate?
We're specs of dust, mere cosmic sand,
Moulded by the unseen hand,
With borrowed breaths that help us land,
Our little roles in this weird band,
There are things to learn, our minds expand,
Before life waves it's magic wand,
Like every show with entree grand,
End it must when time demands.
So why fill this short life with hate,
When we could share some love instead?
Why fill the air with cries and wails,
When joyous songs could fill this place?
Why not use that strong hand to help,
Someone who’s been stuck in life’s ebbs?
Why waste those breaths just screaming threats,
When you could sing a song instead!

[I’ve been in Satna, MP, India for the past week and was shocked to hear that on 15th December 2017, a group of christmas carolers from a church nearby were arrested here, their car burnt by a mob, and those who went to enquire assaulted (while the police were ‘helplessly’ watching), allegedly because their carol songs were seen as a part of their attempt to forcibly ‘convert’!? people into Christianity. Yes. It is a true incident that is as weird as it sounds.]

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